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I was contracted was to modernise the website and correct issues with the digital marketing and exposure for the gym & swim school.

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Health Coaching Page OHF Phone
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Images play a vital role in conveying the essence of any website. Oceana Gym’s previous site was lacking quality images.

The website exudes professionalism and class while promoting usability and easy navigation. The Oceana gym website’s design is the perfect blend of form and function, perfectly capturing the essence of the gym’s commitment to excellence and dedication to providing top-notch services. Overall, the website design is aesthetically pleasing, functional and user-friendly, geared towards providing an exceptional user experience for all visitors.

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Oceana gym’s website design boasts a sophisticated and professional look. The design is characterised by the use of top quality images and the clever use of white space, both of which contribute to an overall polished look and feel, giving emphasis to each element on the page. This design approach ensures a clean and minimalistic look.

As part of the brand guidelines I produce mockups of use scenarios related to the individual business

By showcasing the brand elements in a usage mockup the client can visualise how the design comes together in real world applications, it is also useful for the printing providers as a layout guide.

Oceana Gym Sign
Oceana Stationary Mockup Website

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